What is this site about?

Easy here pal!

This site is nothing more than a collection of all the good faucets to make some real quick Bitcoins or Altcoins.

But that is not all! I’m offering a chart to every currency, so that you get an overview, what is going on to your favorite currency on the planet!


What else?

This is not just a collection of Referrer Faucet links. I’ll explain to you, how they work! Its that simple… just choose your currency, hop up to a faucet category and get all the infos that you need!

No pop-up advert guarantee! 

Before I forget… I tell you a little about the different currencies. Not a guide, not a tutorial. Just something to catch up what your wanted currency actually is and what it is it good for. All for free.


But what do I gain with this?
As a lover of full transparency I’ll tell you my „secret“:

The most of the links to the faucets you’ll find here, are covered in my referral. This means: If YOU earn with a faucet, I earn with you. Thats how you actually support this list of free faucets!